Free IPB skins

Listed v1.1.5 for IPB 2.1.7

Preview image of the listed template

Listed is a fully templated and reconstructed skin, with virtually no use of tables. It’s largely coloured blue with silvers, grays and whites for contrast.

The template is constructed without the use of tables except for those that display the board calendar *. It is not however any sort of statement on semantics or accessibility. The aim was to create it, without it being strikingly obvious, that it wasn’t constructed in the regular fashion. You can read more about this in the readme HTML file included in the package.

A fully layered header PNG and a somewhat less adaptable PSD are provided to ease customisation.

*Also the BBcode explanation pop-up due to constraints beyond control.

Note that this theme is for an older version of IPB, version 2.1.7. As such there is no longer any demo. It’s unlikely to be updated.

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